The Italy & Italy project arose from a meeting between Pasquale Bove, photojournalist, and Luca Santese, photographer and co-founder of Cesura.
From Bove’s vast archives, comprising more than 250,000 shots, Santese selected 306 produced between 1985 and 1999 as the conceptual cornerstones of Italy & Italy. The ‘90s are characterised by a paradox: our consciousness perceives them as being close in time, but this experience is overturned when we actually come into contact with the images or video material of the epoch.
The central intent of Santese’s editing in the Bove’s archive was to create and organically articulate the iconography of those years starting from a fragment of them: the everyday and social life of Rimini and its environs.
In the ‘80s, and particularly in the following decade, the character of Rimini was representative as a paradigm of what could be called “Italian-ness”. This project thus conveys different feelings, moods, memories, joys, and sorrows.