Photos and design by Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli
Text by Leonardo Bianchi

On July 1, 2018, Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli reach Pontida, a municipality in Lombardy where the main Lega rally has been held annually since 1990. Since 2011, the photographers have documented the party’s celebration and rallies. An editing of the entire body of work developed over the last seven years comprise Lega Nord Party, the fourth volume of the project Realpolitik. Special thanks to Valentina Neri for her contribution in the designing of this volume.

Printed in Italy by Fontegrafica / Paolo Nava Studio, September 21st, 2018
Glossy coated paper 90g/m2
8,9 x 12,6 in / 22,5 x 32 cm 
56 pages, 44 photos, color digital print
Cover: 170g/m2, color offset

First edition of 100
Hand numbered

published by CESURA PUBLISH